University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

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HU University of Applied SciencesThe HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is one of the largest tertiary colleges in theNetherlands. It has over 38.000 students and over 3.400 employees. The HU has six faculties, situated in the cities ofUtrechtandAmersfoort. The HU has pin-pointed five overall spearheads amongst which sustainable living.

One of the sustainable flagships of HU is the sustainable roof pilot (Duurzame Energie Proeftuin), launched in September 2011. Ten different sustainable roof technologies are installed on the roof of the HU inUtrecht, creating a sustainable roof pilot of 400m2. HU students as well as employees evaluate the results of the various technologies amongst which PV modules, thermal solar systems and various innovative roof toppings. The sustainable roof pilot is the first in a series of five sustainable roofs created by theProvinceofUtrecht.