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ECN develops high-quality knowledge and technology for the transition to sustainable energy management. And ECN introduces this knowledge and technology to the market. Research activities at ECN are directed towards efficient use of energy and infrastructure, deployment of renewable energy sources, clean conversion of fossil fuels and development of energy analyses and policies.
ECN focuses on the needs of government and industry. In addition, it conducts contract research for companies and governmental institutions and to a large extent for the European Union. ECN also generates income via licenses and spin off companies. ECN collaborates intensively with outer knowledge institutes and universities.
Sustainable flagships at ECN are the development, monitoring and evaluation of (policy)instruments for energy efficiency in the built environment, focusing at user acceptation, change of behavior and value chain optimization. An example is the toolkit ‘Mechanisms for energy change’. ECN developed the process oriented model ‘Social site characterization’ in addition to the more usual ‘Technical site characterization’; the aim is to predict and influence the behavior of decision makers and end-users.

In addition, ECN proposes (technical) options for energy efficiency in the built environment, analyses their feasibility and calculates their effects at various scales (individual household, regional, national or European scale).

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